MS Exchange Server 2016 − Unveiling Brand New Features and Enhancements!!

Ever since Microsoft has officially released the brand new version of Exchange server 2016, IT administrators and users across the globe are excited to have hands-on experience with this messaging application service.

If you’re also curious to know what the all-new Microsoft Exchange Server version has in-box for you, this blog unveils the brand new enhancements that have been put together to make you all-aware about the cloud-friendly Exchange Server 2016 platform that offers customized collaboration to its users.

What does the latest MS Exchange Server 2016 version bring to you?

Here are some of the latest advancements incorporated in Exchange Server 2016:

Enhanced Server Performance with Better Search Scalability

Exchange Server 2016 is beyond comparison in terms of providing enhanced performance and excellent scalability. The reason being – the complete makeover of the whole search architecture of Exchange 2016, which is robust enough to withstand both minor and major faults at ease. Besides, the asynchronous nature of the recently designed search architecture along with the decentralized administrative model ensures organizations can have independent control over managing different functions in a specific department so that they can also work separately while having the capability to collaborate whenever necessary. Ultimately, this also facilitates load sharing whenever a particular server is too busy to handle communication requests generated either by the sender or the receiver.

Also, the Exchange 2016 version actually promotes better search scalability by allowing users to immediately carry out search of around 10,000 mailboxes simultaneously. However, if someone is making use of Exchange Management Shell, one can search unlimited number of mailboxes easily and quickly.

Lowers down the total ownership cost considerably

No matter you deploy the server on-premises or on the cloud, the Microsoft Exchange 2016 version brings down the total cost of ownership to a significantly lower level as compared to the previous Exchange server versions.

Unmatched Flexibility

The latest Exchange 2016 architecture is flexible enough to let you migrate from older Exchange server version to this new version without having to think about the availability of space in order to service the Exchange 2016 servers. The number of server roles in Exchange 2016 have been reduced i.e. the Mailbox Server role and the Edge Transport server role wherein the mailbox server role in Exchange 2016 is inclusive of all the server components from the previous Exchange version i.e. Exchange 2013 mailbox and Client Access server roles.

Major Focus on Security & Compliance

Exchange 2016 server helps in maintaining a secure IT environment where confidential communication messages are thoroughly protected in order to preserve the integrity of data via data loss prevention methodology and strict compliance to industry standards. With complete identification and monitoring of confidential data including social security numbers, and other personal information etc.; Exchange server 2016 version provides offbeat security to its users. Also, with the introduction of an exclusive feature “Compliance Search” in Exchange 2016, one can search “n” number of mailboxes at a time in a single search operation performed across the server.

Going by numbers, one can actually protect 80 varied kinds of potentially sensitive information by upgrading their older Exchange versions to Exchange server 2016.

Fully Supports Hybrid Deployment with Office 365

Exchange 2016 server deployment provides extensive support for the hybrid Office 365 environment along with enhanced troubleshooting features and insightful diagnostics that can help you quickly fix issues encountering while installation. Not just this, the brand new Exchange 2016 server simplifies the multi-forest hybrid deployments via AADConnect i.e. Azure Active Directory Connect.

Improved Document Collaboration with SharePoint 2016 Version

In an endeavor to take document collaboration to the next level, Exchange server 2016 integrates well with SharePoint 2016 in order to make sure the users of Outlook on the web can actually link to and share data residing in OneDrive for Business in an on-premises SharePoint server while also collaborating with Office 365. Moreover, this updated Exchange server version can upload new files and save to OneDrive for business as per the requirements of the user.

The Final Note

Though the latest Microsoft Exchange 2016 version comes packaged with exclusive features and numerous enhancements; it becomes extremely crucial to explore the new software application features and know how it can support enterprises in shifting their primary focus from extensive communication to beneficial collaboration.

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